Steve Underwood

Steve is the owner of the company.  He has 31 years as a federal wildland firefighter and retired as the Wildland Fire Chief for the National Park Service’s Four Corners Management Group.  He was based at Mesa Verde NP and was responsible for all aviation and fire management in eleven NPS units in four different states.  Steve was a federal “C” Faller on wildfires which certified him to cut down hazard trees of any size or complexity (frequently when they were on fire.)  For the final 15 years of his career, Steve designed wildfire mitigation projects, was responsible for leading large prescribed fires as part of those mitigation projects, and provided leadership on large wildfires throughout the western United States.  He has a degree in Political Science, one in History, a minor in Philosophy, and earned a graduate certificate at the federal Technical Fire Management Institute.  You will see Steve with his dog, Miss Lucy, at his side whenever possible on the jobsite and when doing estimates.

Nate Jones 

Nate is our lead arborist and tree climber.  Besides four years of arborist experience in Seattle, Nate is an experienced rock climber, a federal seasonal firefighter, and has Mosie as his best doggie pal although Rebar occasionally joins our canine fray.

2018-07-16 09.34.55.jpg

Tyler Marlow 

Tyler is Underwood Forestry’s crew lead and a Trainee Tree Climber.  Tyler has a degree in Anthropology, is a seasonal federal wildland firefighter, and has Sprocket and Mira providing canine accompaniment. 

Davidson Wilson.jpg

Davidson Wilson

Davidson used to lead the Riparian Restoration Crew at Canyon de Chelly National Monument where he grew up.  Davidson is an outstanding sawyer and has 14 years of experience as a federal wildland firefighter.


Aurora O’Brien

Aurora is our newest employee.  Aurora’s two children have gained four new uncles.  We have gained a Lumber Jill extraordinaire.